iPhone 6s plus broken home button repair

Customer’s friend works at Silver Dinner and referred him to Phone Doctor for his iPhone 6S plus broken home button repair.

I speculate customer visited 5 different WalGreens looking for Tylenol because of it’s theraputic effects towards Coronavirus. However everyone else had the same idea and he was unable to find Tylenol. As he was taking one of the left over Tylenol tablets at home he accidentally dropped it.
Customer was holding a glass of water and his iPhone 6s plus with one hand and the Tylenol tablet with the other hand. And decided to save the tablet and let his iPhone fall followed by the glass of water on top of his iPhone resulting in his iPhone 6s plus fractured screen repair.

Coronavirus and Hantavirus are Lethal but Phone Doctor and Cyberion Repairs treat it with respect.

Fix my phone is now Phone Doctor powered by Cyberion Repairs.

If you need your iPhone repaired. Contact Phone Doctor Frederick today!
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