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Galaxy S6 Edge Cracked screen repair analysis - Cyberion

Galaxy S6 Edge Cracked screen repair analysis

Incoming Galaxy S6 Edge cracked screen repair analysis is conducted by Cyberion repairs superstar “Master Tech. Luxse Ky”.

I speculate customer was sharpening his knife at home. When he decided to test it by slightly touching his knife to his Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge screen. As soon as the blade touched his Galaxy S6 Edge it resulted in a cracked screen. Customer was upset at the site of his cracked screen but soon moved on to feeling proud over his knife sharpening skills.

In addition customer stated his great Aunt found Cyberion repairs during her last visit to Baltimore and told him about us. Consequently customer searched online for batteries plus reputable cellphone repair shop near me from 20712 Mount Rainier MD US.

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