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Click to see if this can be repaired

Incoming iPod 6 cracked screen repair was assessed and completed by Master Tech. Luxse Ky. Customer stated she was referred to Phone Doctor by her neighbor who works at Silver Dinner, Frederick, MD 21704.

I speculate customer was searching for her car keys while she placed her iPod on top of the car. Unfortunately she placed it on the car parked next to her. As the car drove off she helplessly stood there watching her iPod gracefully fall resulting in her iPod cracked screen repair.

Customer was very happy with the repair and arrived the next day for her best friends Galaxy S10 cracked screen repair.

If you need your iPod repaired. Contact Phone Doctor Frederick today!

Book an appointment over the phone by calling 888-724-9595. Or arrive as a walk in at Buckeystown pike 170, Frederick, MD.

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