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iPad Air 2 Broken screen repair evaluation - Cyberion

iPad Air 2 Broken screen repair evaluation

Incoming iPad Air 2 broken screen repair evaluation is conducted by Cyberion repairs super Ninja “Expert Tech. Khanh”.

I speculate customer was checking in his luggage at the Airport. When he struggled to place his heavy bag onto the scale. After some help from his wife he was able to get it done. However during the process his iPad Air 2 accidentally slipped out of his bag and onto the scale. When customer’s heavy bag landed on the scale it crushed his iPad Air 2 and caused a cracked screen with ink bleed spots.

Customer is a regular at Cyberion repairs and routinely books an appointment online for cracked screens repairs from 20712 Brentwood MD US. Furthermore customer stated Cyberion repairs is the go to store for his family and friends when it comes to batteries and iPad screen repairs.

If you need your iPad repaired. Contact us today!
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