Samsung Galaxy S7 broken screen repair

Customer arrived at Phone Doctor for her Samsung Galaxy S7 broken screen rapir. And stated the good folks over at T-Mobile fredrick reffered her over to us.

I speculate customer was eating lunch at Westview Promenade. When she accidentally stabbed her hand with a steak knife. Customer’s hand started to bleed so she quickly grabbed her phone and facetimed her boyfriend who is a medical student. As she was facetiming she felt dizy and dropped and dropped her Galaxy S7 then fell on top of it. Consequently caused her Galaxy S7 fractured screen repair. Customer is fortunately doing well. In addition her Phone is once again looking brand new due to Master Tech. Luxse Ky’s magic touch.

Customer voted Phone Doctor now featured by Cyberion Repairs as a 5-star cellphone repair facility.

If you need your Samsung repaired. Contact Phone Doctor Fredrick today!
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