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Galaxy A20 cracked screen repair diagnostics - Cyberion

Galaxy A20 cracked screen repair diagnostics

Incoming Galaxy A20 cracked screen repair diagnostics was conducted by Expert Tech. Khanh.

I speculate customer was cheer leading for her High school football team. When the ball struck down the human Pyramid. And all the cheer leaders came crashing down on top of each other. Interestingly customer’s Galaxy A20 that was sitting close by got crushed by the entire cheer leading squad but managed to survive the trauma. However as soon as customer picked her Galaxy A20 and touched the screen to unlock it. Her phone spontaneously suffered a cracked screen.

Furthermore customer stated her dad refered her to Cyberion repairs and she found us online while searching for batteries plus cellphone screen repair near me from 20701 Annapolis Junction Howard MD.

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