LG V40 ThinQ broken charging port repair evaluation

Incoming LG V40 ThinQ broken charging port repair evaluation was executed by Master Tech. Luxse Ky. the owner and operator at Cyberion repairs with over 20 years of repair experience.

Looking at customer’s unique pattern of cracked screen. I speculate customer was enjoying his family vacation at a beautiful Thailand beach. When he took a nap in front of the breath taking ocean and under the beautiful clear sky. During the nap his adventurous dog buried his LG V40 in the sand next to him and started peeing on it.
Customer woke up wondering how the warm ocean water reached all the way to where he was sleeping. And soon realized his dogs actions caused his LG V40 ThinQ a broken charging port repair.

Interestingly a friend told customer about Cyberion repairs and he found us online while searching got batteries plus cellphone repair shop near me from 20426 Washington District of Columbia DC.

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