Galaxy Note 8 cracked screen repair

Customer presented his Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for cracked screen repair evaluation. Model designation is SM-N950U. Customer’s phone has left lower quadrant has broken screen with spider cracks. Today is August the 13th and it is 8.26 pm and this is a T-Mobile LTE is device.

Here we have the part it is Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It is $369 for the repair and it includes the part and labor. The parts come with the metal aluminum frame and the connectors for the S- Pen. 

I speculate customer was out jogging trying to get cardio workout. When she stopped to drink water and accidentally forgot her phone on a public bench. When we came back 5 minute later her Galaxy Note 8 was still there but strangely it had a crack screen. Customer searched online for Top ranking cellphone repair near me and Cyberion repairs.

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