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Can Phone Doctor fix this ??? - Cyberion

Can Phone Doctor fix this ???

Customer arrived at Phone Doctor with the Chief complaint of his LG Stylo 5 broken screen repair.

And stated his phone randomly started touching itself middle of the night and accidentally dialed his ex-wife in the middle of the night. The next morning his wife demanded to know why he called his ex-wife 2 A.M in the morning. To top it off his ex-wifes angry boyfriend showed up at his door front asking the same question. Long story short the end result was a black eye and his LG Stylo 5 broken screen repair.

Customer found Phone Doctor while searching online for batteries plus top rated cellphone repair shop near Germantown,Frederick, MD, 20874. And Voted Phone Doctor as a five star cellphone repair facility.

If you need your LG repaired. Contact Phone Doctor Frederick today!
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