iPhone 7 plus spider cracks assessment

Device incoming is an iPhone 7 plus; Rose gold in color. In addition the rear camera does not appear to be cracked. Furthermore the bottom two screws are present and the charge port is sitting snug and secure.

The incoming charge current is 1.30 Amps. Right now the phone is displaying disabled mode. As a result it needs to be connected to iTunes to be enabled. Moreover the battery level is at 90% and there are missing fragments in the right upper quadrant. And there is a crack in the left hand quadrant radiating in a spider web pattern to the whole entire region of the phone. There is another spider pattern crack in the right upper quadrant as well.

The power button is functional, the volume up and volume down buttons have positive tactile feedback. The front camera nd proximity sensor are not testable because the device is disabled. No other functions and features can be tested we are only able to access the general exterior condition of the phone. However customer states that the device has been repaired before at another service facility. Finally at this point we will ask for customers permission to open up the phone by removing the bottom two screws. And lifting up the front panel.

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iPhone 7 plus spider cracks assessment part # 2

We are continuing our assessment for the iPhone 7 plus rose gold in color. Furthermore I did get the customers permission to open it up. Right now we are preheating the sides in order to open it. however device has been opened prevails at another repair facility. We still want to soften up the adhesive.

At this point we will penetrate the device using a blade at 45 degree angle just enough to fit our finger nails through the slot. In addition once we fit the finger nails we take our blade and cut right through the adhesive. Once we cut through the adhesive we will angle the blade a little more. In order to provide a steeper angle to pull the cover off. Furthermore we will go to the other side and perform the same thing.

Now that the adhesive has been cut on both side we can actually lift it up with our hands. Lets get a little bit closer look on the inside. On the inside we see that there are 7 screws present. However this screw over here is loose and just by gently lifting it up by the screw driver it came right off. As a result this might not have been the right screw for the device. Either that or it needed more tightening.

This one over here is also loose, just by wiggling it and not even turning it came out.

This two screw over here are tight enough. One of the critical areas of phone repair is to make sure that the screws are torqued down properly. Otherwise they can come loose and when it gets loose like this it starts wiggling all throughout your phone it can cause internal damage.

Another thing to take note of is that the device is missing screws. I will make a note of all the screws that are missing. So far I only see two screws that are missing off the side. Sometimes they are shook loose over time. Looks like this one did shake loose over time. And other times the repair facility may not have torques it down or turned it down hard enough.

As a result the screws do shake loose and sometimes it will rattle throughout your phone. And cause other damages in your phone may be it will cause your touch sensor or display to fail completely or other problems. Over here we do try to take a little bit more time on your repair and try to get it done right the first time. Lets see what else we can examine. So a total of four screws shook loose.

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