iPhone 7 plus broken headset jack repair analysis

Incoming iPhone 7 plus broken headset jack repair is performed by Associate Tech. Alvi. Customer’s iPhone 7 has protective black screen protector and the home button and touch ID are functional.

Customer is coming in for her broken charge port repair analysis. When she plugs in her headset her iPhone 7 plus is not recognizing it. iPhone 7 plus headset jack intertwines with the charge port and the motherboard. There is a little bit of risk with broken headset jack repair because we have to lift the motherboard and get underneath of it. And after repair it may cause charging issues. 

I speculate customer was out in the rain when she expose her charging port to moisture. Consequently her son found Cyberion repairs online while searching for batteries plus cellphone repair near me.

Cyberion Washington D.C can also be found by searching Washington D.C cellphone repair near me

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