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By: Alex W1

Although many iPhone owners are really excited when they take iPhone home, sooner or later they get les cautious when they handle their iPhone. Eventually one day their phone will slip out of their hands and crash to the floor. When the phone is retrieved and has a cracked face, the question of what to do next set in.

There was a time when a crack in the face of an iPhone was a death sentence, those days are long gone. The first thing that a user should do is to power up the iPhone. Should the screen still function the damage is less serious because the liquid crystal display (LCD) still works. These days, the iPhone has two screens, the LCD which projects the images onto the screen and the exterior screen which is what is touched on order to operate the iPhone.

If the iPhones display still works following a drop that results in a screen that is cracked, this means that the glass on the iPhone need to be replaced as opposed to the more expensive LCD and glass replacement. Replacing the glass on an iPhone glass is a very routine procedure that can be done at nearly any iPhone repair shop…

…Regardless of the user of the iPhone decides to have the job done by a professional or to replace the exterior screens themselves, it is important thing to remember is that broken or cracked exterior glass is no reason to replace the iPhone. It is considerably less expensive to replace the glass in an iPhone than to replace the iPhone. In addition, since the accident didn’t damage the LCD, the remainder of the iPhone is probably in fine working condition. Because iPhones have been so successful around the world, their repair has become common place and there are many websites on the Internet that will repair damaged iPhones. Nearly any component that is broken can be replaced cost effectively. Therefore, unless your iPhone has suffered catastrophic damage, an upgrade is the only reason to replace your old iPhone.