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iPhone 3 & iPhone 4 CrackFix Repair Washington DC 20526

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Cyberion repairs cracked iPhone 4 cell phones from Verizon and AT&T

(443) 371-3355

Walkin service: Mon to Sat: 10:00am - 9:30pm and Sun: 11:00am - 7:00pm

iPhone 3, iPHONE 3G, iPhone 4 Cracked Screen? We fix that.



cyberion_iphone 4 repair replacement and fixit shop in baltimore MD






Beautiful and safe store with full service repair center located in CrackFix Washington DC 20526

Cyberion Store - Arundel Mills Mall - 7000 Arundel Mills circle hanover MD 21076





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Today's Internet Prices (please call or email to confirm latest prices):
CrackFix Washington DC 20526 Service and repair work detail date price
  • complete screen assembly repaired and old part replaced with new assembly
Call for BEST internet Prices!
  • digitizer replacements
  • New Battery Installation
  • LCD Replacement
7/01/11 call
Crack your cell phone for you today!
7/01/11 $35
  • Back Panel Installed and replaced
7/01/11 call
  • New Camera Installed or removed
7/01/11 call
  • Charging and data Port Replacement with new part
7/01/11 call
  • Speaker replacement
7/01/11 call
  • Water Damage repair or Ultrasonic Bath
7/01/11 $50-$900

Call us at: (443) 371-3355




iphone cracked screen repair







Katie - May 21, 2011

Mommy loves her outdated nokia so much, that she preferred to spend lots of money having her old carrier, instead of getting a family plan with us. I took her phone to cyberion to have it unlocked. They did a great work and now we could have her cell phone added to the family plan as well.


Missy - Sept 18, 2010

My husband dropped his phone so many times that I finally convinced him to find a case for his cell phone. The silly thing was to look everywhere and don't find a place that could sell it to us. I was walking inside of arundel mills mall and saw this interesting store, with tons of cases for tons of cell phones. I found a case for his phone, and also got a pretty one for mine. That's how I came to know about cyberion and can brag about my discovery!


David - Nov 9, 2011

I had to get a repair work done for my iphone 3gs, after it felt and got a huge crack on its screen. The job was quick and in less than 20 mins my phone was back again, like a baby's skin, it was smooth and pretty again! Thanks cyberion :D


Tommy - Jun 22, 2011

I went to Cyberion to get a case for my phone. Ended up buying another cell phone. I didn't know they had cell phones to offer too! I got an iphone 3g unlocked to use with my Tmobile simcard. They took away all my doubts before my purchase. Recommend them to all my friends!


Martha - July 5, 2011

I went to Cyberion to get a case for my phone. Ended up buying another cell phone. I didn't know they had cell phones to offer too! I got an iphone 3g unlocked to use with my Tmobile simcard. They took away all my doubts before my purchase. Recommend them to all my friends!


Mary - Dec 18, 2010

My boyfriend is from the army. He was coming back to spend a few days at home, and his bday as well. I wanted to give something memorable, that he could stare at it and remember us while doing work out there. I decided to customised a cell phone case with our picture on it. Found out about cyberion on google. The final work was awesome, he loved it so much. Thanks to that shop :)


Verda - Sept 4, 2010

Once I went to this shop because I found so interesting the huge amount of phone cases they have (exposed on walls with layers that you open and have more cases... impressive).I was pregnant by that time, and I saw they make custom designs with pretty much all you want. I got so excited to put my baby's face on my cell phone, that I put a note for myself to go back there when she arrives.That's why I am here today, the work got so pretty that I had to leave a great review for that shop. They gave me all the attention needed, I could follow the process closely and the final work was AWESOME!


Mike - July 1, 2011

My htc Evo got liquid damage at a pool party at my place. My friend gave it a bath while running away from our other friend around the pool. No hard feelings, but I had to find a place ASAP to fix it, because on the next week I was about to travel overseas. I went online found for "fast HTC evo repair maryland" and cyberion came right on the top. Pretty store, decided to take it in. My phone was fixed in time, they did a great work on it! Would recommend to any of my messy friends, lol


Blair - July 9, 2011

I had a old blackberry bold, still looking good and working perfectly! It was over my desk catching some dusty, until I found out this shop also buys used cell phones.
I went there to bring my old toy to be with other "friends" and in exchange, I got some real money! Great deal :)


Kevin - May 14, 2010

If my cell phone talked by itself, it would probably tell all the innumerous places where I let it drop and embarrass me in front of everyone because it’s a shame I did not have a case on for it all this time (1 year by now), so now it shows all the bruises and scratches.
The only reason I never got a case for it is because I never had any good feelings about them bcs they take away all the bliss on it.. But when I saw the custom cases made inside of this shop, I changed my mind! They are so pretty, I loved and asked for one with my own company logo on it covered with crystals! It’s AWESOME! I will be back for more!


Katie - June 21, 2011

I honestly don’t have much patience for technology. My cell phone is outdated and I use it for make calls, and that’s it! But I still don’t mind to have access to things quickly and easily, that way I don’t have to waste time.. that’s why I liked this store, they have everything all together: products and services!
I went there to get a car charger for my phone, and ended up leaving with a headset so I can drive safely on the streets of MD. Also got a phone case for my phone… all at the same place. Very recommended!